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The First International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Aquaculture (ICSAA) has materialized as a result of continuous collaboration and development in the areas of agriculture and aquaculture with our outstanding foreign institutions over the past several years. The key partner laying the foundation of the ICSAA is through the project supported by the Erasmus Plus – Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) under the European Union. In 2017, the project entitled “Participatory and Integrative Support for Agricultural Initiative (PISAI)” was formed with four Thai agricultural universities and four European universities joining forces to improve higher education in field of agriculture in Thailand through such key activities as practical modules and double master’s degree development. An important part of student learning is having an arena to practice delivering their research outputs and findings. The ICSAA, therefore, functions for partially this purpose, and partially for experts in the areas of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture to disseminate and exchange new findings with peers from different institutes internationally. This is a great opportunity for those working in agriculture and the various fields related to agriculture, which is supported by a collaboration with our Japanese partners and the alumni joining us for this event. The far-reaching benefits positively affect a wide audience.


The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Aquaculture in the theme of Bio-, Circular-. Green (BCG.) Agriculture and Aquatic Production. There are three sessions for oral and poster presentations:

AG Agriculture
AG-PS Plant Science
AG-PM Pest Management
AG-TE Technology
AG-AS Animal Science
AgS AgS Agricultural System
AQ Aquaculture
AQ-Nutrition Aquatic Animal Nutrition
AQ-Breeding Aquatic Animal Breeding
AQ-Water Quality Aquaculture and Water Quality
AQ-Health Aquatic Animal Disease
AQ-Eco-Management Aquaculture-Eco-Management


11-12 January 2021


The Conference venue will be held at Khunying Long Athakravisunthorn Learning Resources Center, Prince of Songkla University Khohong Hatyai Songkhla 90110